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David didn't build the house.

I would love to begin a discussion about obedience as it relates to Christian faith. Or rather I should say disobedience. But not the typical Thou Shalt Not. You know the adultery, lying, covet stuff that we struggle with, admit to and repent of. I'm wondering about something more subtle and deceptive. Let's call it My Will in God's name.

Is it possible we can be doing Godly things and be in disobedience?

It's a question worth pondering because at the end of the day there is nothing we can do that God can't do himself. He really does not need us. But he does love us and he desires a relationship based on our obedience that is rooted in our need for him to direct our lives. The example that I raise is 1 Chronicles Chapter 17. David's desire to build God a house is a Godly desire indeed. He even had the support of Nathan the prophet. But David's obedience was in NOT building the house. My reason for this post is to challenge the body of Christ to stop , pray and wait on the Lord for his answer in all things even the obvious Godly ones.

Nothing holds up answers to prayer more than disobedience.

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