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We live in troubled times in this nation.  Far too many conversations about who we are as a nation Under God are happening without the Author of it all even being mentioned.   These things ought not be!  Sure it is preached in the Church but what about the dusty roads, highways and byways?


 The rebellious (worth mentioning we all had our start here) have always proudly broadcast their intentions.  Printed active wear (T shirts and sweatshirts etc.)  has been an accepted means of expression for as long as anyone reading this knows.


  Why don't we as God's Children display our Faith, Hope and Trust in God thru His Living Word on quality active wear.  With Charity and Compassion encourage and engage the conversation with anyone who is searching for Truth and Hope in this troubled and lost world with answers that will never fail. Join me in sounding the Trumpet and consider imprinted active wear from KFM for your congregation.  No minimum.  One or a thousand.  Luke 15:10.  Proceeds go to continuing this conversation of God's Love.

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